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The British Dispensary (L.P) CO,. LTD.

St Luke’s Brighter Skin Cooling Powder


Product Details 


Menthol, Talc, Camphor, Limonia Acidissima Powder, Phenoxyethanol


140 grams per container

Weight (KG) 


How to Use

Natural tree extract Wild Thanaka (Tanaka) has an anti-oxidant effect. When applied to the body, it can reduce and block UV damage to the skin, brighten and protect the skin, reduce acne pimples, and soothes itchy skin. The fresh citrus fragrance is comfortable and refreshing after use.

Apply on body three to four times a day, suitable for men, women and children. For newborn babies and children under three years old, please use St Luke’s Baby Powder.

Note: For external use only. 

Brand Details 


The British Dispensary (L.P) CO,. LTD.