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Saw Hong Choon Skin Balm

Saw Hong Choon Skin Balm

Early in the 20 century, Mr. Saw Hong Choon developed this skin medication during his practice as a physician. His mission was to help people who had skin infections.

Then, came Mr. Teoh Kim Hin, son-in-law, who carried on the work and legacy of Mr. Saw. He had reinvented and modernized the skin medication and named it Saw Hong Choon Skin Ointment. In 1930s, Mr. Teoh established Hong Choon Kok Sdn. Bhd., to develop and distribute Saw Hong Choon nationwide.

Mr. Teoh Kim Hin’s eldest son, Mr. Teoh Boon Tiong, followed the foot steps of his predecessor, expanded the name of Saw Hong Choon Skin Ointment to Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The purpose of the skin ointment is to help people who developed skin infections especially tinea pedis, rashes, tineaal baonlegs, and psoriasis.

Hong Choon Kok Sdn. Bhd., will continue to uphold the vision of Mr. Saw Hong Choon: to produce skin ointment that helps people with skin complications and infections, to lessen the pains and burdens that bring discomfort to daily life.