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GumAlive Pure Herbal Extract Spa Toothpaste

GumAlive Pure Herbal Extract Spa Toothpaste

Sahapan Group (Thailand) Company Limited is the manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty products with expertise in herbal extract category. Their products include herbal toothpaste, natural soap, talcum powder etc under the brand name of "KOLBADENT" and "IODERM". The foundation of the business is rooted in their collective knowledge as distributor of both traditional and modern medicine, as well as expertise in the use of natural herbs in health care products.

KOLBADENT is a line of pure herbal extract oral care product made from natural ingredients. The “Concentrated Herbal Extracts” are crafted with 30 years of knowledge and expertise in skin care and oral care products. KOLBADENT is a product for oral health with distinctive features and unique natural scent. It is easy to use and provides long lasting fresh breath.